I just threw in the part about rationality so I could point out and include the name “Trump”.

Remember back in the 70’s and 80’s and just about every decade since then?
This election so many people want Dirty Harry to run this country that it is insane. And just a minute ago I caught a brief glimpse of an old Clint Eastwood movie in which he essentially tortured the bad guy. Used to be they just shot the bad guy and got it over with.

Want President Dirty Harry? Move to Russia. Our sane President will beat that not so sane president any day.

If you have any doubts about Putin’s sanity, just look at his eyes. Stare at them for five minutes. Or just five seconds. That is a psychopath. He is not just mean. he is crazy and he will do anything to stay in power. By the way look at Venezuela which has becoma a de facto dictatorship. Just a few short years ago t was not, but a populist psychopath came into power, stripped the country of its wealth then had the good sense to die. Unfortunately he left in his wake a vice president to take over as dictator.

Meantime we do not need a Bonnie and Clyde type antihero. It is wise to recall that our “anti hero” types that lived in real life in U.S. History were often murderers and worse. Even some of the “good guys were at times a little iffy.

And anyone that thinks or thought that Donald Trump is a good guy and pulling for them, he has absolute contempt for you. He was born into wealth, and he grows his wealth by manipulating the system he claims he is going to change. And don’t forget someone who doesn’t ever show his hand, even when everyone else has folded was lying and didn’t have anything, and was probably betting with someone elses money.


Sometime after the election and likely well before the Inauguration of Hillary Clinton, a new writer/columnist, or perhaps a different lin (the mechanics are still up in the ethernet) a new writer will join us,by the name of Bilaam.

I am well aware of the story of Balaam in the Old Testament, (Numbers 22, 1-35 as I recall).

For those who do not know the story Balaam was sort of a Prophet for hire, and some pagan king or other hired him to put a curse on the Hebrews, but while on the way to do so, Balaam’s ass (donkey for those of you with dirty minds) saw an angel on the path, who had been sent to stop Balaam. The ass refused to proceed further and Balaam began to beat it, at which point the ass kicked him, by some accounts breaking Balaam’s leg, and said to him (Balaam) ‘what have I done to you that you beat me these three times (Ballam had continually and uselessly tried to get the donkey to go past the angel that God had sent to stop him, but Balaam was impatient and didn’t know his ass from…well, let me just continue) ‘You have acted willfully against me” Balaam said that I am going to kill you now”.

Fat chance.

to make a long story short, God opened Balaams eyes to what was going on and Balaam changed his mind. And by the way, god nerly killed him for beating his donkey, so watch how you treat animals, and if tempted to mistreat one, remember it will be you that gerts kicked. not your ass.

So Balaam will be joning, and I hope a few more individuals or oracles will be added to this company of Seers.

And watch your ass. It might just be talking to Angels.


Lest anyone get the idea that the FBI is lax on tracking spies in this country (and they are still here and still faithful to mother Russia as well as many other countries and ideologies, the Director of National Security uses a different section of the FBI for security matters.

This does not mean there should not be an investigation of the FBI after this is all done. The actions of what may be only a few have called into question the integrity of everyone, and the only way to get any reassurance is for both internal and independent investigations to take place.


Yes, I have had a look at the FBI. The Federal Bureau of Investigation. G-Men. Up close and personal.(I have to take a break here and say evening prayers called Compline. I shall return to finish this blog.

When I was about 11 I was in 4-H. Now this was more of an urban 4-H, but they still had the same idea: what kind of a career would you like to follow when you becom an adult. To that end we got the occasional tour of some sort of enterprise, like a sugar plant (they smell bad) or an electrical generating station (coal powered in those days and very hot) We even went to one of the not ubiquitus McDonalds where the manager showed us how the turned a potato-an actual potato that came out of a gunny sack, in french fries, and how the hamburgers were made, individually with a little burger press that gave then a even size, thickness and consistency.

Then there was the really cool stuff! The Denver FBI office!
That was the days of the g-men and J,Edgar Hoover, and Efrem Zimblist Junior on the FBI TV show every Sunday night. I think pretty much everybody watched that.

What was so cool about the FBI? Well they caught the kidnappers and the bad guys who robbed banks and armored cars and stuff like that. And they were all honest and clean cut. They all had buzz cuts, and they went after gangsters andthey had this guy at the very tip top who had taken over this listless useless agerncy back 9n the twenties and turned it into the most respected and the most honest law enforcement agencies in the world, on a par with Scotland Yard and Sherlock Holmes. But that night we went the coolest part was the weapons vaults. They had guns you wouldn’t believe: Thompson submachine guns, a Browning Automatic Rifle, hand guns, rifles, one of this little Derringers, same single shot type used to murder lincoln. Hell they even had a couple of hand grenades and a bazooka. Oh. And they fingerprinted us.

Oh yeah, did I mention all of those spies? Spies everywhere, stealing nuclear secrets and communications stuff and radar and, well no point in going on.

The top dog (In washington, not the Denver field office) was prancing around in a pink frock while the agents were allowing the soviet union (mostly) to steal us blind. Banks were being robbed Missile secrets were flowing out, submarine plans. And when the man in the pink frock passed away everyone breathed a sigh of relief because he had had the dirt on every single politician and political appointee in this country. Oh he ran the Bureau like a military unit and if he didn’t like you he would see you shipped off to Omaha. But now he was dead,m his funeral was over and everyone could breathe a sigh of relief.

(Full Disclosure. I applied for a job at the FBI. Not as an agent. I also applied for a job at the Department of State as a communications and coding clerk. I did not get either job. Getting the earlier job in the Army was fairly non-competitive,

Now the bureau could really get to work. They could spy on John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and are probably still spying on Ringo. They could spy on anyone and, so it now seems, they can spy on political candidates they do not like and even better, they can make up “information” and “leak it” to the press as if it were real.

And while they are doing this their favorite dimwit candidate, who probably can’t tie his own shows and they are feeding him information? real and faked information, trying to throw the election his way. And of course their way. They no longer care about the rule of law ibn America. All they care about is take that guy of the street and throw him in prison. Rendition. Screw the courts just dump him. or her.

Then there was that stage “full” of “generals and Admirals and Medal of Honor Winners ” behind Trump (I only counted ten-I guess the others didn’t return since the last time he put them on display. Probably made them Puke).

I live the smirking and the nods when he said he guessed thed didn’t want to work for “Her”.

Well none of you men have any guts. None of you have any Honor and none of you have any balls and none of you have the right to sit there and smirk like a bunch of jack-asses with a corncob up your butt.

When you took your oath, whether as an enlisted man, a officer or an FBI agent you swore to defend the Constitution and right now you would see it destroyed,l forever because you are to cowardly to work for a woman.

Remember, in this country-and I know this because I took that same oath-we take the oath that culminates at the top of the Chain of Command, and that doesn’t say a damned thing about it being held by a man or a woman. You, we, swear to obey the president of the United States, and nothing in that wording say a name, a gender, and get used to it boys because one day that office will be held by a gay man or woman.

Suck it up. Right now and regain your honor. Otherwise you will die with none and be buried with none.


Watching a snippet of Fox news featuring Rudy Guilianni, sitting there cackling and grinning, rubbing his little paws together with glee, I got to wondering if mabe he was related to a famous movie person, so I did a bit of research and found it: he is a dead (so to speak) ringer for the Wicked Witch of the East.

Start by looking at his withered./ scraggly looking face, obviously making it look less green (the green complexion is a dead giv-away that a person is a witch. It was really the cackle that gave it away, along with the evil little lecherous leer in his eyes as he gazed with hopeful abandon an the young blonde woman..

You will of course the Wicked witch of the West had no children at the time she melted.

But the wicked Witch we have less information about. In fact all we saw of her were some aciculated black shoes topped by some questionably accesoried and black striped hosiery. Quite hideous. Goauche in fact And looking at that and that little chuckling and giggling gleefully chortling. Then I noted the monkey face and it was all over

Rudy is the love child of the Wicked Witch of the East and one of her slave love monkeys.

Bu I have bad News. Dorothy moved back to Kansas, and did NOT change her hame to Hillary.

Hillary came from Chicago. Chicago won BIG. someone else from chicago and she is going to win BIG.

And please everyonde, check outg Mr G.
He looks like a shriveled up little old monkey looking for a job. The should have let hi bus tables at the Xardinals Charitgy event a couple of weeks back. Looks like he needs the moneu.

Seriouslu whey the time comes after the election is over and Hillary is measuring drapes for the white hopuse and Chris Christie is being measured for his orange jumg sui I believe I will look up Rudy’s background and check on that wich thing. I understand burial costs are small. Just a hole ad a bucket of water.

And a bit of adviced” no ,ore leering and keep yourf hands to yourself and in plain sight.

By this time tomorrow I will be bidding adieu to the Donald and blowing kisses to Hillary. Both actions at a distance

A word on churches getting burned” Such deliberate burnings are always investigated as hate crimes. I cit my teeth on them. For a while they were a staple of crimes in the south until it got so bad the ATF and DOJ pronounced them hate crimes and made up special units and strike forces, as well as doing special training for local Fire Investigative Personnel.

In honesty Black churches were tempting targets because they were largelu out of town a bit further 2where land was cheeper and a congegration could affor to buil. The same was true of black schools. This made then soft targets, or extra soft and extra vulnerable, because the arsonist could be long gone before the fire was discovered. They rarely had any alarm system aside from some passerbt noticing the fire.
So the fire in Mississippi yesterday with the “vote Dump” sign painted nearby was pretty clear. Don’t vote at all or we’ll come after you

Trump has dredged up the hatred, over matters real or imagined, real or paranoid imaginiring. Oh there is a slim possibility the economy will recover in another thirty years (that assumes a single term) and the ravages of war will ever so slowlyfade, but out world will ever be changed.

And it will not be hanged the same way it was when Neil Armstron made that first step on the moon. Nor when Einstein got that first flash of inspiration that led to nuclear physics and an understanding of the world that goes beyond destruction and teaches us what the world is and what it is made of. Then we had Georges Lemaitre positing the bib bang theory-he was a Jesuit priest by the way.
And of course we would all believe that we were the offspring of little scaley green men (and women) if it weren’t for Darwin.

What is going to happen is, in case the absolutely terrifying scenario of President Trump the markets will fall, perhaps plummet. our allies will not really know what to do and president Putin, who will be the real leader of the United States, will finally break a smile, albeit a tiny one.

Wanna be he gets a suite at the white house, kind of like Churchill had?

Then, maybe as soon as next summer a group of people are going to gather in a city somehwere in the middle west and start ripping up the American Secular Bible: The United States Constitution.

They want to go back to states rights. They want to gut the federal courts of most of their authority and power.

Then they will gut the presidency and take away pretty much all executive authority beyond pardoning the Thanksgiving day turkeys.

Each state will go home an write pretty much whatever laws it wants and , without the Interstate Commerce Clause, no other state has to abide by that law. Could be you get married in Californiam acquire a passport and decide to go to New York by car. You will be stopped at every state line, your car will be searched for contraband and you ill be required to pay some sort of road tax for the privilage of using their roads, which were buil by Eisenhower and maintaned all the way through the Obama administration. And once in New York you may be required to get married again, or go to jail; for engaging in non marital relations.

Seriously, there is a group that wants to ammend the constitution. Soon and their main goals are to gut the judicial system and the presidenc/. That leaves Congress to run the country.

We’d las about a week.

Back tomorrow for another round after the crazy polls. And quit burning downm thosw Churches! It Ain’t Nice, dammit!


The Trump averred at the annual Al Smith charity dinner that Hillary Clinton had been fired from the Watergate Committee. Here he is at a charity dinner, hosted by the Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, doing his usual “liar, liar pants on fire” routine.

Well sorry Donny boy, you can not receive absolution from a catholic priest, as you are not Catholic. By the way, Trump was booed at this charity dinner-probably not common at an uber formal white tie event.

Hillary was not fired. Her employment by the investigating impeachment committee ended when everyone else’s did. When Richard Nixon resigned. There was no longer any reason to have an investigation when the person being investigated resigned, and you can not impeach him when he is no longer in office.

This was a lie told by another man who also worked there but had no contact with her. He apparently tol this lie sometime in the early part of this century in order to get his 15 minutes of fame. In fat he said he had fired her. The person who was the boss over the lawyers working there for the committee said that the individual had no supervisory role over Hillary Rodham or anyone else, and left when the committee shut down just like everyone else.

When I am able to find his name I will post it meantime you might google the assertion like I did. There are multiple postings from various people and websites about this.

Meantime there is a matter of SAMs in Syria that I will get to later, so please stay tuned.


Right. Stop and Frisk.

This was not only declared to be unconstitutional, it was not the cause of the crime rate going down in New York. If it had been n, there would have been a huge and immediate upswing in crime when it was banned, by a Federal Judge in a 200 plus page opinion.

But now a candidate wants it back.

Back in 2008 and 2012 everyone-including screaming and crying fat white women, were hysterically crying “there coming to take our guns and they are going to kill us!”

Well, it is 2016. No gun raids and there is only one candidate who wants to take anyones guns away-unconstitutionally, and in an unconstitutional way.

The first part is of course that second amendment about the right to bear arms.

Then the stop and frisk part ignores due process, among other things. Thatis the Fourth Amendment. Arguably the fifth amendment also has a bearing here, as if one is stopped and frisked for no reason, in violation of the Fourth amendment he or she may be carryiing a firearm, as is guaranteed right in the second amendment but, if that person is any color but white or is not wearing a police uniform is automatically a criminal, he or she has had their right against self incrimination breached.

Finally, if the Republican candidate is not yet aware, there is the fourteenth amenment which guarantees everybody the same rights as everyone else. In other words, you, nor a judge or a congress can order a stop and frisk policy because that type of policy is profiling, and profiling just about always violates the right of one or more-usually more- groups of people in this country. In Mr Trumps viewew it shoul ne blacks and muslims, presumably people who appear to be “mexicans” because he declared them murderers and rapists.

Oh hell, just throw out ther whole thing. He will try to make it Toilet Paper any way.


TP. Need we say more

Maybe he should be stgopped and frisked. Might be hiding his tax return somewhere.